Life Lately :: December 2016


It has been a bit quiet here as of late hasn't it? We're in a bit of a season of holding our breath, of waiting and it makes for quiet weeks. It's chilly here in Helsinki, so we're bundling up and going on walks as much as we can, otherwise we're stayin in and making the most of a quiet winter.

Sickness has had its way through our house for the past several weeks making things even quieter. We're eager for Christmas, to celebrate Jesus' birthday, and because it's a symbol of a lot of changes for us. For a long while we've been talking about 'all the big changes that come post christmas.' So to have it on the horizon is exciting and frightening all at the same time. We're more hopeful than not.

It might be quiet as we transition into all the newness over here. So if you hop over and see nothing recent, no worries. I have no doubt I'll be filled to the brim with new things to share in the upcoming months as we settle in to a new place, new routines. We still have nothing to go on as far as when/where goes, other than after 'roll out' (which happens Jan 1st) we'll be making our way back stateside. Ben's replacement has been here since July, so I'm certain that transition will go great.

Hope  you all have a wonderful christmas season!

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  1. It's so sad you're leaving Helsinki! I forgot to thank you for your suggestions. I'm in the process right now of writing posts for my trip, and I want to link your blog if that's okay!

    Also, completely jealous of the amazing Christmas markets!