16 weeks :: Baby #3


It's been a bit more of a task trying to get photos of this little one.  With Elias, I took time to do so during my daughters nap. Now my girl doesn't nap any longer and by the time I get around to doing any sort of photos-the light has long since left our flat. Because of the poor lighting conditions and my distain for florescent lighting, the pictures come out rather grainy.. On one hand it can be a bit of a dissapointment, on the other, it can make for some emotionfilled photos (deep contrasts and the like.)

I noticed with my last pregnancy, I often didn't include photos of my face. Perhaps it was out of insecurity? I'm not sure. but I think I'll do it a bit differently this time around. I imagine these pregnancy related posts will come a bit more sporadically. Perhaps every month or so? We'll see.

This pregnancy has slayed me. I have cried over my incredible insufficiency to love my kids well during this season. In the past four months my Elias has gotten good at flushing the toilet for me while my head is in it and patting my back . He then is sure to say "eww, yuck."
I agree son, I agree. Eowyn has told me I don't need to worry, Jesus will take care of me. It's been a real act of hope and faith agreeing with her. When I felt my most desperate, her little voice telling me to turn to Jesus was more profound than I think she realized. But kids are good at that aren't they? Being profound in their innocence; in their easy grasp of truth.

This past week I've been catching my breath and I think we're on our way out of the nausea. I know I'm getting off easy compared to some friends of mine. I find myself praying for sick mamas all the more.

Hopefully next month we'll have sunny sunshine to help our pictures be brighter? If not, oh well. But here's to hoping!

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  1. Beautiful Britt!
    All the love to you and #3! May this sweet little one bring you peace after everything he/she is putting you through!
    Stunning. Let me know if you need anything!