Rowan Grows :: 3 Months


Rowan has been such a wonderful kid. These past three months have been gentle on us. For a couple who would previously have said we were NOT fans of the newborn stage, this is a gift. We're newborn converts! 

Coming back to the newborn stage for the third time (and most likely the last time) it feels very sweet to experience. The first time mom gitters have been long gone, and our very difficult newborn Elias prepped us for some pretty brutal days and nights.

So to have Rowan come and be the sweetest, most chill baby ever? We can't help but keep praising this little man. It helps the other two are just as wild about him as we are. Elias perpetually is looking for him (and we've had to get on to him more than once for sneaking into the babys room while he sleeps to share toys!) and Eowyn loves her baby brother. We've had to have a few conversations about not exclaiming that Rowan is her favorite over Elias :P We'll wait and see how she feels when she has to share her toys with Rowan too!

These past three months have been a gift. Being a family of five has been incredible.

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  1. Such a cutie! I am so happy to hear that this little one is giving you all the newborn love. Something about the third born....we're perfect! As my sisters say, they were just practice ;)
    Love your sweet family and we miss your calming presence out here!