Thanksgiving in Phoenix


We got the opportunity to spend thanksgiving in Phoenix this year! It's been a few years since we have been able to celebrate with family, so it made it extra special to get to be with family (Grandma Marge, Uncle Don and Aunt Carol, Sarah especially) since we hadn't seen them in ages.

After the initial thanksgiving festivities,  We hit up the zoo and went out to a butterfly sanctuary. We roasted smores and swam in the pool. When we went to the zoo Eowyn was able to feed the stingray, but was directed incorrectly how to do it. She ended up getting bitten by a stingray. But, fear not, she has now recounted the battle to every human she holds dear. Her dance teacher, her dear friends, anyone who would ask what the bandaid was for. Also, she forgives the stingray. She plans to return so he can offer her a proper apology.

Overall, we had beautiful weather and a wonderful time. And goodness did phoenix give us some gorgeous sunsets!

What a sweet gift. 

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