We moved!!!


We received word when we returned from Christmas Holiday that Ben will be taking up a new position with his company in New Hampshire.

We felt the move coming for a few months, but predicted it would be a bit further out (we waited for a whole year before moving to Finland.) so for it be as sudden as it was was a bit of a whirlwind.

We've been here for about a month and a half and have since bought a house, found a church we hope to call home and most importantly, got a library card. :)

Our home is on about an acre of land, so all my garden dreams are running wild. We've got just a few more rooms to set up, a trip to IKEA and a enchilada date on the calendar.

Bit by bit, we're setting up shop.

I always forget just how long it takes to feel like things are home. This constant moving takes its toll and this mama. While we accepted the position hoping it was going to be more long term, it very may be for just a few years. Either way, we're going to enjoy the time we have here, I think.

It really is a lovely state.

We've already gone to see Ice castles! (More photos to come later.) As well and visited Maple Weekend where you can tour sugar houses.

We hope your spring is shaping up nicely, ours feels a bit like...well spring. The groaning of change, mixed with the hope of what is to come.

While this is the quietest the blog has been for quite some time, if you visit over on instagram (brittanysprague) I post there a bit more frequently. I'm finding as the kids get older, and we home school and delve into all our various hopefuls, I find myself less and less sitting down at the computer to edit photos and the like.

That being said, I'm not willing to let this old girl die yet. She started right when we got engaged (in the wave of all the millennials making blogs about their life!) and while most have moved over to instagram #instagramatemyblog, I still have a bit of a tender spot for blog posts.

So, thanks for visiting this mostly quiet corner over the course of all these years. Hoping to take more time photographing with my camera and less with my phone, which naturally means sitting down here to edit.

As always, thanks for reading.

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