The Very First of the Many Adventures


Good Day!
Late last night, with only 18 days left till Mr. Sprague and I become a married couple I decided to create a nice little site to display all our rad adventures to our family and friends.

So I told Ben about it, and he thinks the idea is way cool.

Since the stamp of approval has been stamped, I took off and created what you are seeing today. Viola.

Our hopes are that this blog can not only chronicle our awesome life, but let the fam. be able to comment on and experience our cool adventures.

So, let us begin.

Its rainy today and Ben and I are a part. He's all the way over in St. Paul working, and I'm all the way over in Waupaca writing and getting ready to do some wedding preparations. We're so stoked and so ready for our wedding day.
Ben has been a rockstar at making the CD's, callin up the groomsmen and musicians and being super cool at helping me with seating charts. Whenever I talk to ladies in my church they seem so surprised to hear that Ben is so helpful.
Not gonna lie, I'm pretty proud.
Other than the rainy day and the too many miles in between us, things are well. We're ready to be together again so we can take Nora (the Nikon) and go on our adventures.
Until then.

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new blog! Already finding some sweet ideas for my little blog...can I do that? I am very much looking forward to what the future will hold for you and Ben. Can't wait to see you, Mrs Brittany Sprague, when we get back!