28 weeks




 Last week was the official last week of LDI. We've had a wedding every weekend and will close the wedding marathon this next weekend. It's been a good week of reflecting, and I have about 5+ blog posts I'm looking forward to posting.

My body is getting to get all achey, and the first appearance of the much treasured (harty har) stretch marks have appeared. I joked awhile back about a post I saw calling them 'tiger stripes.' Ben's decided to embrace that saying-which adds a little bit of grace to the morphing of this body of mine.

Overall, I think everything thats happening is to be expected. Nothing new under the sun.  

Some exciting things that have been happening:

>>We ordered our first set of cloth diapers. We ordered just a few with some amazon credits we had.  It'll be fun to see how our little cloth-diapering experiment goes. I'm looking forward to it.

>>God has been especially kind in sending a handful of compliments my way. This has been especially a blessing when daily I feel like I grow exponentially. Having women ask me about my maternity clothes (which really are thrift store finds that happen to work on this massive belly-very few maternity clothes here yet) and a few other kind women's compliments have left me feeling especially cared for.

>>Ben and I have been just overall reflecting on life. This has lead to alot of good conversations, and a lot of re-adjusting of priorities and goals. It feels good.

>> This week starts my summer! I have a few more things to wrap up with LDI (more paper work type work) and then it's getting geared up for the babe. I'm looking forward to this season and looking forward to see how God plans on using it.

>>Craft projects have been coming out of everywhere. This always leaves me feeling PUMPED.

>>Ben has been especially good to me these past weeks. He's always a pretty magical man, but he's been extra-magic. Praise the Lord for that good husband of mine.

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