Oahu, Hawaii


Seeing as I've already ordered my little photo book, and have these pretty images on there way, I figured it was time to post them here too. Although its been near a month, I still find myself returning to take a look at these beauties. It was such an awesome trip. I'm so thankful we got to go.
We went to a Luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center one night, and it was a total blast. The following Day, we checked out all the beaches near us. It was sunny out (thus the squinty-eyed-ben) But we had a lot of fun and in that 3-4 hour walk, we got to talk quite a bit about what we're excited for, and we got reminiscent of how on a similar beach our little relationship began three years ago!
Every year there's a fancy dinner banquet that AGM puts on. Seeing Ben get all dressed up is my favorite part. What a dreamy man.
Not gonna lie, I stare at him like when I was a teenager with my closet sized poster of jonathan taylor thomas.  My tastes have graduated into a fine, fine standard of man. I kind of want a poster sized picture of this guy.

We also got to attend a Lifehouse and Gavin Degraw concert. For some reason these kind of silly pictures (above) always turn out to be my favorite. Maybe because of just how alive Ben becomes whenever he's in the music realm. That man was made for his music. We spent a few hours after talking about and how much he appreciates certain aspects of Lifehouse's performance and the cool conversation we had afterwards with him. :) Ben's in his element when you put him near any type of instrument used for rock music. You want to deepen your appreciation for music of any genre? This man's your guy-He'll point out things you've never even thought of before.

 We had such a great time. It was short and sweet, but really was the perfect amount of time.  We like you Hawaii. We like you a lot.

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