29 weeks with a Little Photo Op.






 Now that LDI is over, we all of a sudden have a lot of evenings open! The change is well received and we've been finding fun things to do with this new-found free time. This past Friday night, we decided to head out to a park that Ben and I had yet to be at together-Minnehaha Falls- and decided to take some pictures. It was crazy to me how many professional photographers were there. I can see why, the place is beautiful and surely a minneapolis photographer favorite. 

I used to be a wimp when it came to taking pictures in front of people but Ben is one unashamed man. He'll set up that tripod, and get into it. Even as people pass he has no issue with just keeping on keeping on. I'm glad he's like that. I found I've become that way too. I'm sure many were entertained with ben's insistence on taking pictures with him rubbing my belly. I refused to let him do any of that stereotypical heart shaped hand on the belly stuff-so he of course would try to sneak it in any chance. 

After we grabbed a few at the traditional spots, we headed out to the middle of the forest. We spent some time talking, grabbing some more pictures, and when we headed home we grabbed some ice cream. 

Pretty nice date if I say so myself.

We're planning on getting a few pictures taken by a good friend of ours, but we kind of like our little tradition of taking a stab at it ourselves. Not too shabby, eh?

While I like the ones that turn out. There's a special spot for the crazy ridiculous ones. The "Outtakes" are my favorite. Its when Ben gives sass and the pictures end up looking ridiculous-mostly inappropriate-and yet overall awesome. I love those ones. And Ben, whenever he sees them is especially proud. But, I gotta hand it to him. Its the next 3 or 4 shots taken that end up the most genuine. His ridiculous moves are the catalyst for some pretty great pictures.

Little update on the spraguelet:
Baby's doing good. I was thinking she had more of Ben's overall chill personality.  She's gotten big enough that we can feel her just moving around, and for the most part that's what she'd do about a week ago. Just swim around with the occasional kick. Then somewhere in there she started becoming a spazz. I guess there's a little bit of my personality in her after all. This is good, seeing as she'll be spending a good majority of her time with me, she needs to be able to join in. Not one, but two crazy ladies in the house. Good thing Ben can handle it.

We registered at Target today-and Ben had a hayday. The gun they give you makes Ben a happy camper. It was also pretty fun seeing him looking at the baby gizmo's and picking out his favorites. Also, him insisting on pink stuff was a little surprising, yet overall sort of fun. If it was up to me she'd be all sorts of different colors, but I suppose with her dad she'll get to embrace all sorts of stereotypical femininity. 
He at least avoided all the kitten stuff. 

Registering then lead us to discussing what her style will be like. Pretty sure she'll be awesome. With Ben wanting a cool rocker feel (he's already searching for bass guitar onesies and little chuck taylors) and me getting giddy over all the pretty prints, I think she'll definitely have some blend of fashion. I was never one to wander baby isles. But, I think Ben and I both are going to have some fun. 

I feel like there's a thousand little things that are happening with her and us. But overall, i'd just say things are good. God is been faithful, and when I get anxious, have mental breakdowns, or get nervous about her health, parenting, our relationship etc. God's and Ben have both been faithful in walking me through it. I've got a good husband and an even better God. I'm blessed with that. 

Hope your Sunday is wonderful!

I'm off to go eat some enchiladas. 



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