Hi Baby! 31 Weeks



She's moving around even as I write this. We have any where from 8-10 weeks left, depending on when she arrives. It's crazy to even remember what its like to not be pregnant. After you live near 10 months this way, its weird to think otherwise. It'll be something to then realize that I'm a mom. and Ben's a dad. 

 I think I'm most excited to see Ben when he holds his little girl.

While there's all sorts of things that can stress me-as you know if you spend any time reading this blog-there's something about when we go on walks and Ben comments "Think, soon she'll be coming with us"  that leave me excited. Ben is a natural teacher-and A good one. I can't wait to see all the things she'll learn under his guidance. I already know there's gonna be something special between them. Especially when He picked out her name. She was named by her dad. That alone will give them a special sort of bond, I think. 

I'm excited for all her stages. For those first few months when she's in complete observation mode-to when she starts revealing her little personality. I'm excited when she wants to help with everything (as all toddlers seem to be at some point or another) and when her understanding of the world is being shaped as fast as her "Whys?" can come out of her mouth. I'm especially excited for all the crazy reasons her dad will give her. I bet she'll get more than she bargained for-But boy will she get her answers.

There's a lot to look forward to. And I'm excited for it. only a few more weeks little girl, a few more weeks. 

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  1. Brittany, I love your baby updates. They are so much fun to read! I hope you save them for your baby girl to read someday :)