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When LDI finished on the 4th, I was expecting to find myself full of free time. While there's no doubt I have more discretionary time than before, I definately have found myself busier than anticipated. I was able to be an assistant photographer to a wedding a few weeks ago, and have an engagement shoot tomorrow that I'm incredibly looking forward to. Editing those photos, as well as getting prepared for the next set takes some time. As does getting ready for the baby-I'm excited to show you what I've been working on, meeting up with women and getting our home in order.  Thus, things have been restricted to being captured on my phone. Overall, I think my few weeks have been captured well. 

//The garage sale loot!//coffee dates in uptown// Library// Drive home from wisco//sun shinin// Creepin// Good looking ben// Monday traffic// Backyard at home//  Excited to be going home//Sky//Favorite Chia//S.R. Harris-Amazing Craft Warehouse!//My Adventure Pal///Pink Stuff (recipe on rockstar diaries)//

Hope you have a happy Wednesday

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