32 weeks! And a Little Funny



I've had this tie-dye shirt for several years now. When I put it on today, I realized that the tie dye makes a giant bulls-eye on my belly. At first, I thought it was a little obnoxious and contemplated changing-but then I figure, if anyone needs help finding my ever growing little belly, I'll help um out. I'd be tickled if she some time during the day put her head exactly in the middle where the bulls-eye is. That'd be awesome.
The beauty of having such awesome friends and family is that they are able to share with you-kindly what to expect. I'm fortunate that I haven't had too many snide comments of the "Catch up on sleep now-because you won't be getting any afterwards! harty har" but rather have had friends and family give me tips on how to get that sleep after baby comes, how to stay well during those first few weeks, and how to overall stay intact. 

Due to ever present future reality coming our way, when we found this video, we had to laugh.  The way Ben and I deal with stressful situations is often through comic relief. Even in the worse of struggles, there's often been a few nacho libre quotes ("It SUCKS to be me right now!") thrown in for good measure. A line or two of this ditty has already found its way into our conversations. 

enjoy the funny and Happy Friday!

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