Summer Girls


I like that you shriek when you laugh and you find yourself HILARIOUS.

I like that you eat Popsicles with me and despite having no teeth, can chow through pretty much every food we eat. Champion.

I like that you crawl in circles really fast, and push yourself backwards. But if something is set before you out of reach, you huff in defeat, lay your head down and pout. Its funny to me and reminds me that all in good time. It reminds me not to compare. I see God using you to teach me how to focus on Him.

I like how good of a dad you have. I like that I know that you do well with him. I like that he knows how to read you so well and the freedom it gives my heart. The trust that is built from growing something we both care about with our whole lives is unifying. Your dad is an incredible parent.

I like the moments where I think about the reality that this is a really good time. Me and you and daddy. I like that he said to me last night "We have a really good life. Eowyn has made our life better...." and proceeded to gush over his kid. It fills my heart.  Its true, life is better. You're the best gift from the Almighty. One day with you reminds me that God is good.

I like you in a swimsuit-its adorable. I like you in your little summer hat, I like that we're both summer girls.

And your face in these pictures makes my heart swell. You're teaching me joy. I like that too.

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