15 Months :: Walking Girl!


Eowyn turned 15 months on the13th of October.  Rather than doing a monthly update, I wanted to switch to every 3 months for her 2nd year of life.  This season with our girl is definitely the most fun yet but also the busiest (which explains why this post is coming when she's already almost 16 months!) Less time around here, but many more adventures. Happy 15 months little spraguelet!

. Here are two little videos showcasing baby E.  This first one is just a random walk we went on where I kept shoving a camera in her face. I like it. For the past several months, these walks have been our life.  Its especially cool seeing how her personality has changed since the 11 month video (and Woah, she has a ton more hair now!)

This second one is the long, not-so-fancy, rather random video showcasing E's skills. This one is made especially for our parents and grandparents so they can see the cool tricks she's doing (aka: SO MUCH TALKING). Surprisingly I haven't recorded her saying "Hi." So you hear a lot more of the gibberish which is a lot of my soundtrack these days. She thinks its funny to say DADA or laugh at me when I ask her to say "mama" and gets really excited when we watch lion king (as you'll see by the sucking noise she makes at the very end.) She's kinda a weirdo-proof she fits right in around here.

By the time this video is posting, Eowyn is walking without any help! Soon we'll post a clip of that as well here, but follow that link and it'll take you to the instagram video we took last night. She took 31 steps last night without falling. P.R.O.!

Looking forward to whatever comes next. She's keepin the party going over here at the sprague house.

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