My "Boo" Girl


Eowyn has reached a stage where she'll wander off on her own to play. This has been a long time coming-oh how that girl loves to be playing with others! Its fun to see her get adventurous and wander in and out of the rooms of our home without crying for me to come along every time. A few days ago when I was folding laundry I realized how quiet she'd been, so I went to look for her. I creeped into this. She was so content with those pages, I ran to grab my camera. While she spotted me quickly, she just kept on looking through her books.

Its such a tender sight for me. Ben and I both have a deep passion for words and written pages. So much of who we are has been shaped by the adventures we went on through the storybooks we got to read. Eowyn has a deep love already-and has the patience to sit through some pretty decent narratives. I'm so happy she sees books as legitimate good uses to spend her time even at just 16 months. They're a big part of our life, so its a delight to see them become a big part of hers.

She regularily will come looking for me signing "book" with her little hands and saying "boo? boo? boo?" I delight to oblige. We're super blessed to have a circle of libraries surrounding us that keep our reading material pretty fresh. I've got a growing list of favorites. One things for sure, the girl loves her pages.

While I was in there, I remembered I have yet to take pictures of her room. What you see is a lived in version of it (see the laundry basket? The curtains she's pulled on? The socks?), and its pretty true to its current state. I decided to snap a few of the details I love in here regardless just to make sure I remember. Her room is one I've spent quite a bit of time in and the items in here are so dear to me.

 ::Orange Elephant from a flee market on a mother-daughter weekend in 2012 ::
:: Scrabble letters from the mother-daughter weekend 2013 :: 
::Baby girl at 1 month old::

  ::I ripped apart a lamp right before she was born and made this for her. Its still one of my favorite sources of light.::

::Flower blossoms from a baby shower a dear friend threw me and a fellow (pregnant) friend::
 :: The grey frame is actually a tabletop that used to have glass and legs that I found next to our dumpster. She made a better frame.::
 ::The wreath is a "welcome home" wreath my mom made for Eowyn's birth. She intended it to go on our door when we brought our girl home, but I loved it too much to let it get weathered and hung it here::

There's so many other little details that I love about this room. Mostly the little detail that there's one big joy-maker sleeping in there right now.

Happy Sunday!

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