Nine of Fifty Two :: Adventure Girl



She doesn't need to hold my hand anymore. 20 months old and she's already a teenager. But I've heard that same 'teenager' phrase out of so many mamma's mouths, I can cry my tears and remember this is normal.

She's independent, the friendliest little girl I've ever met- practically getting numbers from coffee shop goers by the time we're ready to go.

She's fearless till she falls. Then she learns and is cautious. So far, the world is full of safe. At times I get anxious that she feels this way, then I praise God for it. The world IS full of safe. It's filled with yuck too, but we are in the business of taking risks and believing that Jesus will heal us when it hurts.

She's my adventure girl. My little thunder. 

My joyful charger. Emphasis on the joyful, italicize the Charger.

Also, had her legs been long enough, we would of been going swimming.

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