Ten on Ten :: March 2014


1. I'm learning to set everything down in one place again like I've done for most of my collegiate and professional years. Sunday night or Monday morning, I sit for a few moments and jot down everything that needs to be done for the next 7 days. It's been such a grace for me, and allows me to feel rested knowing I've allotted a time for everything that needs to be completed.

2. I got new glasses this past week. I ordered them online, since I have such an easy prescription and while they're a bit of this hipster business, I'm growing to like them. Also, sometimes I like taking pictures of what my face looks like relaxed rather than the classic toothy smile. I'm excited for my freckles to darken as the sun shines more often. Also, my lips are crooked (and that's okay.)

3. I've begun to try to read this Jesus calling Devo regularly. Some days it is a quick read and I forget it 20 minutes (or less) later, other days it sinks in deep.  I've been reading it out loud to Eowyn, so now she runs over every time I open it. It's kind of special sharing my relationship with Jesus in front of her.  We have worship dance parties on the regular and now she's starting to truly act like a little charismatic. Raising hands and fake closing her eyes. Ha!

4. "Eoh?" E likes to snuggle in and watch shows or eoh's with me in the morning. We dig Arthur, and Tinga Tinga. Well, I mostly just love nuzzling her.

5.My kid eats salad.

6. Proof my kid eats salad.

7.Today was magnificent. We went on a walk in the morning, a stroll around our apartment complex in the afternoon, and a walk to the grocery store to pick up ice cream sandwiches (because we like to negate any calories we burn) in the evening. The evening walk wasn't so hot- slushy feets every where, but still, this sun brings out the adventure in us. Eowyn loves sunglasses, her bear and outside.

8. We make it a family policy to take advantage of every photo booth we encounter. Mostly so Ben and I can make out. Apparently (as the bottom of that little photo booth film strip suggests) Eowyn isn't a fan yet. She DOES however love carrying these little strips around everywhere. They've redirected a good dozen tantrums.

9. Eowyn is like every good baker, she sneaks chocolate chips when others aren't looking. I think this will become a favorite past time of ours (both the baking, and sneaking chocolate together.)

10. Dishes. Bleh. But they're my life some days. (Isn't smoothie residue a beast of its own? Especially little dried spinach flecks and blueberry skins. blegh.) I always have to go through a sort of gratitude prayer whenever gearing up to clean our kitchen. "Thank you for so much food! Thank you we have dishes to hold it! Thank you that it shows we eat well! Thank you for modern appliances! Thank you I had a kid so I can eventually make her do it!"

Happy Monday. For every Minnesotan,  I'm confidant this sun at the very least made your spirits lift a few notches.

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