Fruitful vs. Successful:: Week Three


Just shy of three weeks in! When so much change happens, it's near impossible to write it all down. So much so that when it comes to this portion of a blog post, I don't really even know where to begin. Funny stories? Struggles? Success stories?

Well.. I'll share this one bit, because it seems to be the thing I keep being reminded of.

I googled helsinki moms back when I was stateside, looking for blogs by natives. I went to images, since I had previously already searched the links, and saw a super cute family with three littles. I clicked on the picture, and it lead to a church-planting website, then to that cute families blog. I read their blog and felt a pretty deep reassurance that this was a God-thing. I messaged them, and then waited. A week or so later I got a reply (they were vacationing in between) and the email they sent was incredible. We kept corresponding, and this past week went to their house church. Ben and I both kept tearing up during it, just because it felt so good to be with others who love Jesus. We love them already.

During the sermon portion, Kev, (the pastor) was making a clear distinction between fruitfulness and success. It's the first time I've heard it and it sort of blew my mind. He told a story of a fellow church planter that had a growing, thriving church plant. Then the wife of the church planter fell seriously ill and the church started to struggle. This pastor commented to Kev and a few others that he felt like this church was no longer successful. The church was struggling.

Another pastor chimed in with encouragement. He told them you have to stop looking at 'success' and start measuring your life in terms of fruitfulness. Biblically, that is what God focuses on. That's what we're to pursue. The church had gathered as a people and were forming a deep abiding community. It was bearing much fruit, even with diminishing size and what have you. They were fruitful.

Our last two pregnancies weren't successful, but they were fruitful.
Our marriage has days of complete lack of success, but out of it, fruit is born.
When the days with Eowyn seem to be like herding cats and she's more naughty than the day previous, there's fruitfulness in my heart. I see it.

All that to say, we've have days full of success, and days not-so much, but I'm learning to use a different gauge that's bringing out more joy. God's doing a number on us all.

It's a public holiday here: Ascension day! Jesus rises to heaven today! 

Have a happy thursday. He is risen indeed.

Now off to buy some floss and orange juice.

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  1. It sounds lime you found a church family! Yeah :) it took us forever in MN and in the end we ended up at the first church we visited. It is amazing how much more a place can feel like home when you have a
    place to worship that fits your family. :) love the photos!