Eowyn is TWO :: Happiest of Birthdays


Look at that kid! Eowyn, you are the dreamiest little girl I have ever met, and it's so awesome that you are my daughter! You are the silliest thing I've ever seen and I have so much fun tasting the pretend food you make, setting up blocks so you can knock them down, and settling in to read a good book. You are already so inquisitive and have a hesitant curiosity that keeps you safe but allows you to explore. I love how musical you are becoming and can't wait to hear that voice and see what kinds of instruments you'll be playing. My bet is on the drums. I love your hugs and kisses and get so excited for all the adventures we'll have over the next years to come. I love you baby girl!

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  1. Happy Birthday Eowyn! Love the shirt, it goes great with your big smile a head full of curls :)