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Hi friends,

In true finnish fashion, I kind of took a mini summer hiatus from our blog. (Most finns go on a 6 week vacation here in Late June/July.) We had a few great warmer days. Sadly since, we've been hit with cold weather for the past several weeks, leaving E and I to venture out only for necessities. The hiatus may resume, depending on this weather....

Things are going well. In just a few days we'll have been here for two months. Life is getting a bit more normal, and promises of warmer weather are getting us excited for a true summer. We're slowly making friends, and community, and ever so slowly finding our flow.

We definitely have had our bouts of homesickness. A few friends of ours jokingly have instagrammed chipotle 'in honor of us.' and we are more than jealous. We just keep reminding ourselves that we won't forever be away from our favorite burritos, our favorite red store, mac n cheese, and kleenex boxes (amongst the many things they don't have here.)

But what we lose in food and convenience, we gain in sights and experiences. We live minutes from the beach above, little ice cream stands are sprinkled all through the city and the chocolate here is just about as good as it'll ever get. Also, the cinnamon rolls proved to be just as delicious as they were hyped up to be. And I really do like the people. I feel like they're like that gum that tastes mild until you keep chewing and then get bursts of flavor. The more we get to know people, the kinder and more enjoyable they turn out to be.

 A special thank you to all of you who keep sending over messages, and asking how we're doing and especially filling us in with your happenings. I think the contact with you is what makes us feel not too lonely.  We miss you, friends.

It's weird seeing all the 4th of july talk on social media. As a friend told me to expect, it's a funny discovery to find out how patriotic we actually are, now that we're overseas. USA!

Anyways, hope the weekends prove especially sunny, but not too warm, and your fourth of july's are full of family and fireworks! Ours will be filled with these apple filled donut things and maybe pearl harbor or something.

Oh, and Eowyn? She's stumbled into this comedian stage that's leaving Ben and I wide-eyed and laughing. She's all slanty eyes and chewbacca voices and singy-songy gibber gabbering. It's a bit amazing. In between the moments of defiance and trying to steal my chapstick and mints, she makes for a pretty fun kid.

She actually screamed "MOI MOI" (byebye) to a boy leaving the tram a few days, she's even venturing into bilingual land. Who knows, maybe her gibber gabber is actually finnish and I'm just unaware. Regardless, she's doing probably the best out of the lot of us.

As always, Thanks for reading.

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