Kauppatori:: Suomenlinna :: Esplanade Park


Reindeer Meatballs, Ferry Ride, Hobbit Houses, Hidden Passageways, Beautiful Views, Impromptu Starbucks, Blankets Getting Lost, Blankets Getting Found, Surprise Parade

All in the company of the best of them.

Our first visitor Nardine, came to visit us  this week! After finishing a research opportunity in Sweden, she hopped across the sea to spend some time with us and it's been a sweet treat.

 We've been friends since freshman year of college, and it has been especially sweet seeing each other face to face after two years of skype dates and living in different places. She hadn't met Eowyn yet, so that was a real treat. Eowyn has taken quite the liking to our friend-which makes quite a bit of sense to me. :)

Having a visitor has been just the push we need to kick off our summer and start visiting the must-see sights. I'll be posting more of our travels as they come about.

In the meantime, happy Sunday!

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