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Several years ago, Ben and I, fresh into our marriage, met another couple who had gotten married right about the same time we did. Slowly, after months of being in the same small group, we grew to love them deeper than words express. They became some of our favorite people we have yet to meet.

We had Eowyn and they showered us with newborn clothes (none of which we had because we expected to have a bigger baby-I cried when I opened the present) and brought us noodles & Co. at the hospital. They talked and laughed with us through the hard fuzzy-eyed stages of newbornhood and held our baby when we needed a break. Becca encouraged me when Eowyn was fiest and fury and would melt down at small group. Basically, they loved us deep.  They acted as a fresh breath of air so many times, I can't even count.

They grieved with us when we had miscarriages, brought food and prayed with us through it. They're quite simply people that show up. I've heard it said before, "People don't remember what you say, they remember if you were there." With the Bairs, they've always been there.

They've been a bit of a cornerstone for our life these past several years. The classic parties (Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, board game nights) back stateside were always at the Bairs. They were honest about struggles and are quite simply our kind of people. Plus Becca has a wicked sense of humor, which gives me warm fuzzy feelings. And we've gone to rock concerts that Tyler plays bass in, so they're kind of our cool friends. If any of you readers go to Hope CC, you'll probably see Tyler playing every few months.

More than a year ago they started on the journey to adopt locally. This is exciting for a number of reasons. First, their heart for adoption has always been a big part of their story, so to see the process through these past several months has been exciting. Second, we've seen and learned so much of God's heart from hearing them talk about what it means to embrace someone through adoption and make them part of your family forever. We've seen new sides of Jesus and his character towards others because of their experience through this. We've benefited from the work God's done in their hearts through this process.

I asked Becca if it was okay to share a bit about their story, especially since they're raising money for all their adoption costs. I never knew how expensive it was until asking her to break it down for me. (Nor did I understand how emotional the whole process of adoption is!) She said she was willing to let me share, so I wanted to let all the readers of this blog know about them and encourage you all to pray about being a part of their story.

The updates on their site are fun to follow along, and give a really great glimpse into what it's like to go through the adoption process. . It's fun to read her thoughts and to see how God is working in their hearts through waiting and hoping for their little baby. It's pretty fun getting to call her "Mama Bair."

If you have a heart for adoption, feel prompted, or want to help an amazing couple, would consider blessing the Bairs and donating?  If you're willing, pop on over to their site. Here's the link to read more about their adoption story, a break down of the costs and to donate.

It's always said that no amount is too small. The reason why it's always said is because it's true. Even giving your coffee up today to help get them closer to that baby would be a big deal.

Cheers to getting to be a part of a beautiful story. I'm grateful we've gotten to be a part of theirs. I'm excited to meet their son or daughter.

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