Mom & Bre Visit Helsinki!


My mom and sister came to Helsinki for a bit of a stay to help out with welcoming our little Elias. It was such a gift to get to have company, show off our boy, and give Eowyn some serious entertainment. :) There were lots of snuggles, laughs, and special presents had. My sister and mom know how to make us feel loved.

As part of their trip, I really wanted to be able to show Bre around a bit. While they both kept reminding me they were content with just staying put if needed, it was a real treat getting to show my big sis my favorite places, and show my mom some new sites as well. All of these pictures I took from them. Bre or my mom took a good 90 percent of these pictures-I'm still navigating the whole having two kids. So who knows how people take pictures with their hands full. That being said, all photo props to them.

Every year we do a 'girls weekend.' This would be the 4th one we've had running. While it wasn't the girls weekend persay, it was fun to go adventuring in Europe together-even if we live here now. Our first was in Chicago, then Wisconsin, then MN, and now Finland. :)

They went home this past weekend, with a house super cleaned (even the fuzzies from under my bed were destroyed) meals in my freezer, and a serious amount of clothing for both ms. E and the Elias  plus food goodies left behind. I'm grateful. The place feels empty having them gone, and Eowyn surely misses the snuggles and the wild ride it was having her Aunt Bre around. I'm missing them too. I'm nursing my sadness with the copious amount of chai they left me and Eowyn is digging into her giant jar of peanut butter and insisting on wearing her tutu around everywhere.  :)

We're counting down the weeks till we see them again this summer.

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