Cooking with Eowyn Child


(See what I did there?)

Below are the instructions, from our special chef Eowyn, for making a crowd-pleasing meal.

First, ensure you have all your ingredients. 'Moneys' and magnets are a great aromatic to start out with.

Cook your protein till it's fully prepared. In this case, we have turtle (with a hint of peppa the pig...and some other creatures)

Now add your spices.

Throw in a little fierceness, but keep it on the sweeter side.... 

 Actually, go a little heavy on the sweetness, yet, work to maintain a subtlety to the dish.

After allowing it all to simmer for about 1.4 seconds, stir a bit more and taste....

Then serve.

 Be prepared to wow the masses.

 Eowyn's convinced it's all in the moneys. She never cooks without them.

One perk of Eowyn's cooking is that her 'soup' magically can become 'delisis cookies' at anytime. Her food is like Willy Wonka's chewing gum, but you don't turn into a blueberry at the end.

OH! and  BE CAREFUL. It might be hot. 
and you don't want to "burn yer sewf.'