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This morning, our plans changed leaving us with a few hours on our hands. Being a family that likes to suck the marrow out of our weekends, we decided to check out more of Kaivopuisto, a park that we had heard plenty about, but had barely skirted around a few times. It's one of the largest in Helsinki, and always has people on its sidewalks and climbing its rocks. We felt it was a perfect day to join in.

The park skirts the waterline, and has some beautiful rock face, so we were excited to get a bit of fresh air and enjoy the AWESOME sunshine we've been having the past couple of days. Kaivopuisto, you did not disappoint.

We hopped in our car so we could go deeper into the park than we had been before and were able to find free parking (which is an impressive feet here in Helsinki) giving us 4 hours to wander. While we only spent about an hour or so there (due to nap times and such,) it was still a great time to absorb some vitamin D, let us stretch our legs and snap a few pictures. I wanted to get a picture of us as a family of four and managed to at least get one with all our hats showing. :) I think we might have to call in the professionals to get  one with us all looking at the camera-but I haven't given up the challenge quite yet.

Regardless, it was a sweet time with lots of exploring. Getting out in that cool fresh air guarantees solid afternoon naps for our two littles and clears my head like nothing else. Plus these two... 

 And let us not forget the joy of climbing trees (especially when you have a fork-lift that'll lift you some 6 feet up.) Eowyn was quite pleased.

We spied a few more places we hope to check out as the weather warms and I think this might become a favorite spot for our family of four.

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