Eight Months :: Elias Grows


 Oh, sweet boy. We got two wildly awesome kids on our hands, folks. Elias is all about his sister and Eowyn is all about her little baby brother. We're reaching the fun stage where they play together (and preliminary starting of fighting with each other) and I couldn't be more thrilled. Elias is easy going as they come, as long as he's being held...and not hungry. If either of these two things is no longer true, he' still is his usual self with the banshee screams. Apparently some things never leave you. :)

We love him. Obviously. We like him a whole lot too.

Eowyn jumped in for our little photo shoot and oh.my.goodness. I skimmed down the 38 keepers from this little shoot, and my heart is just so excited for yearbook time to come around. Especially when  you compare them to the last time I took pictures with these two in the chair. Life flies fast.

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