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We have this trend. When we visit a new place, we tend to walk in the wrong direction or park our car too far. Then, once we get where we're headed, we only get to visit for about 20-30 minutes until both kids are frazzled and acting very ready to go home.

That being said, we finally made it out to Seurasaari Island this past weekend. This place is famous for having an open-air museum of Finnish History and hosting quite the festivals during Midsummer and Christmas time. While we hope to visit during one of those events, finding this place on a cool fall evening and going for a walk on a perfect-weather day was pretty awesome.

This island is also (and most importantly, according to Eowyn) known for its squirrels. These buddies have lost all sense of stranger danger long ago and are well fed by the visitors. We saw a big crowd along our walk and lo-and-behold there was a squirrel going from person to person collecting treats. Eowyn wanted in on the action. While she did get to feed him briefly, he must have reached his quota for the day, because soon he vanished despite attempts to lure him back.

So we had a quick picnic dinner, looked around a bit more and started to head home. Eowyn kept begging us to feed squirrels, but we simply couldn't find anymore. I prayed out loud that God would send another squirrel our way. Perhaps a silly request, but I know him as pretty awesome, so I figured I'd at least ask and see.

And guess what happened?

I kid you not. About 5 minutes later a squirrel comes chasing, I'm not joking, CHASING after our stroller. Maybe he smelled the peanut butter bread Eowyn was eating? I don't know, but we stopped, she hopped out and got to feed that little squirrel a good 5-7 times. He would run up, grab her little nut and go and bury it, just in time for Eowyn to go grab another nut from our bag and get in position. Then bounding back our little squirrel friend would come. Ben decided he'd have a go at it too. Eowyn seemed to think that was perfect opportunity to grab the squirrel tail. After her squirrel tail almost-yank (you can see it in the picture of Ben feeding the squirrel,) the party ended.

We strolled back to our car with the sun at our backs and a girl that was as happy as a three year old can be (which if you aren't around kids too much, that's a whole a lot of happy.)

Seurasaari Island, you're pretty great. And Jesus? Thanks for answering silly mama prayers.

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