Eowyn Grows :: Three & a half


Our sweet Eowyn girl is three and a half today! What a gift this girl is to us. We're wild about this kid.


When evading bedtime, after the lights are out and you're supposed to be in bed, we'll hear a shuffle of feet as you place your head at the crack of the door and say (in a super weird voice)
" Wannna build a snowmaaaannnnnn?" We laugh every time. Then send you to bed.

You're all about making connections. "Edith is  my best friend because she's big and a girl and I'm big and a girl too!!!!"

"Nummy nummers" (when something is delicious-no idea where you picked this up.)

"Oh mommy pig! what a messy mess" (and several other peppa pig quotes)

"mama, comeon, it's school time now!" (anytime you want one to one time.) or "I think its time for elias' nap. He's so sleepy."

After snatching toys from Elias "MOM! Elias is so sad, you have to hold him!"

You find a way to talk about burps or bowel movements near anytime you can. Especially if guests are over. You're quite pleased with yourself that you know how food goes in and out.

"It's time for DESSERT now!?"

After taking a few bites of something you're not too sure about: "umm, umm, UM, IT's...It's...NUMMY!"

"Here, take this medicine, it's disgusting."

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