Five of My Best Decisions of 2015


I've been reflecting on the past year and the good things that have come out of it. I wanted, just for fun, to go ahead and write out some of the not so serious decisions, both practical and non-tangible , we actively made this year that have blessed us. These were, amongst a few others, for sure some of my best. From these five my load has been lightened, I've been encouraged and I see God working a lot of grace and joy into my life.

1. Saying 'Yes' & Pursuing the Things that Bring Joy

 Ben and I, both major introverts, often talk about how often we 'wished we could... invite people over at random, have a party, do such and such thing.' This year we decided that we would give ourselves permission to just go for it. Worse case scenario, we end up hanging out together solo or we have a flop of an attempted activity. Some of our favorite memories have come from texting friends to share some enchiladas that we just put in the oven, throwing silly parties and impromptu date nights. We aren't really the 'party throwing type' or the last minute type, really. At least we've always felt that way, but this year we pursued things that brought us joy-sometimes last minute.

2. Grocery Shopping Online

Wow. I love the internet. I know it sounds trivial, but with a stroller being our mode of transportation, and two littles in tow (hence the stroller,) going grocery shopping can be a real chore. When I discovered that they have online grocery shopping and delivery here, it was a GAME CHANGER. When Elias was born the free delivery on Wednesdays (or if you spend over 130) saved us. It still has been one of my favorite discoveries. While I have to google translate everything, and I often miscalculate how much I need of something, it has still been so wonderful. They have this service in the states as well, especially now with this amazon 2 hr prime business. I hope every mama tries it at least once. It really is wonderful.

3. Weekly Scheduling/Meal Planning

My closest friends pick on me about my closet (or not so closet) "A" personality type. I'm, on a good day structured, on a bad day a bit ornery. I'm the "library Tuesday" "See-a-friend-Friday" type of gal. I have friends who would scream under such constraints, but Ben and I have gotten into a groove that has really set the tone for our weeks. This is actually a continuation from last year (and even a loose continuation of our first year of marriage,) but it's been neat to see things through a full year.

  • Mondays: we do some type of marriage thing. Makeshift date night / Reading a marriage book. (TOP RECOMMENDATION: Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller. That book has challenged + encouraged us both exponentially. )
  • Tuesdays/Thursdays: we do our own thing (Read: Introverts recharge.)
  • Wednesdays: we play a game/watch a show together. Often we do laundry (we have to reserve a time slot downstairs.)
  • Friday:  some type of going out/Family night/hangout with others
  • Saturday: no real schedule
  • Sunday: Church, Meal Planning for the week, hangout.

We obviously don't stick to this every week. Kids, other people's schedules, sickness, overtime etc. actually make this nearly impossible to have every single week, but we find that if we have a default, we get our needs met. We touch base and really talk intentionally at least once a week, if not more. We both get alone time (Tuesdays I typically leave the house) and  we also  have planned fun together. While some people don't need this sort of setup. It's been awesome for us, even as rudimentary as it is.

4. Reading Quality Books

  • For the Love, Jen Hatmaker
  • The Best Yes, Lysa TerKeurst
  • Meaning of Marriage, Tim Keller
  • Women of the Word, Jen Wilkin

I've gotten to read a handful of quality books this year. When I'm challenged in this way, it's oh so good for me. These books are some I've finished or am still working through. There's a few books this year that I've read that I wouldn't recommend, but I guess that goes with the territory. :)

5. Influence Network Membership.

Now, if any of ya'll hang around enough on the internet, and are the Jesus-loving type you're bound to eventually hear of the Influence Network. Haven't heard of it? Here you go.

It's a great organization of Christian women pursuing Christ and community, they call their members to recognize the influence they already have and give tools to equip them in that influence. I've LOVED having access to the monthly classes, the free content etc. I've bought a few classes as well, but you get a free class each month. My Learner heart has soared having these classes on a monthly basis. It's a great low-commitment way to continue to challenge my heart and feed it in the areas I need to (sometimes that's motherhood, sometimes that's church planting, sometimes that's wardrobe refreshing.)

What are some of your best decisions of 2015? I'd love to glean from that wisdom! Comment below!

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  1. 1. Don't feel pressure to do something or attend an event just because everyone else is or thinks you should.
    2. Laugh at individuals, we do silly things or make the wrong decision. Give yourself permission to simply be you.
    3. Let your yes be yes and your no to be no...commit & carry through with the things that you have said yes to. And let not your heart be troubled when you need to say "no".
    4. Choose your battles wisely! Try not to pick fights or arguments just to prove you are right and the other party is wrong. There are times that being right isn't worth the heartache that it caused.
    5. When or if you are married...try to always remember that you are on the same team. That at the end of this life, you and your beloved want the same thing. Cherish your life together!