Of land and sea


This past weekend we had the deep privileged of being a part of our dear friends baptism. We hiked out to a beach and expected great things. We didn't expect the torrential downpour that opened the event, but to be honest, it made everyone a bit silly and light hearted. We were all drenched, but we were there. We were ready to celebrate. Ready to praise God and all of us were certainly awake to his awesome power and wonder

As I took pictures of the baptism, I in between  just watched my children dig around in the sand and waves. I found myself often overwhelmed with the beauty of it all. Seeing my kids love this green earth as much as I do-on a sort of soul level-is something I cherish deeply. See Eowyn's content? I know that content.

It really was a special day. This earth He so masterfully created is absolutely incredible. Both the land and sea.

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