Dear John: A real letter


Dear John,

I thought about doing a little picture, as per usual, but I wanted to write more than a sentence or two, so I figured I'd just go ahead and write a post.  These past few months you've been particularly impressing me and I wanted to tell you about it.

 I remember when we first started dating I had this image of what I wanted you to be 'someday'. And I remember trying to sneakily suggest the changes I thought would be nice (remember how we would have the conversations of 'if we could just change one thing about each other what would it be?') Oy vey. You're gracious. Then I remember getting into premarital counseling and then marriage and learning to give all that up.  Reading somewhere from some couple married for a really long time, the guy made the comment : "I'm not committed to 'this marriage' but to you for the rest of my life," and it changed me. I realized that I had been trying to fix us to some mold of what I thought marriage was supposed to look like. If I was going to be committed to the marriage, I wanted it to be filling me in a way it wasn't meant to, but if  I was committed to you instead, ( which meant you right now, not 'future' you,) that would mean a lot of things. Mostly, me quitting trying to make us something we weren't-like a polo-wearing, hip, coffee-shop-hanging-into-the-wee-hours couple. I think both of us are quite glad I got over that. Especially you and the polo. Ha. you in a polo.  

But its funny to me how once that point was reached, just how much room was left to get to see you. Like, really you. Rather than thinking of how I wished you would have said something differently, I got to think about why you chose the words you chose, and why you make the decisions you make. I feel like once that point came, being married to you was far more interesting than the dating phase, because I actually began to discover who this guy was, and I really really like who that guy is. Your choices made more sense, and actually were better than what I would have done. And my faith in you and your judgement skyrocketed.  You can lead a family well.

Lately, I've been especially impressed with the person that you are. You, my good-looking man are fine workmanship.  And I have to say, its impressive. You're a better man that I had conjured up you could be. You're more loving of a husband, a stronger leader, and more a man of integrity then I even knew was something to aspire to. And here you are. And I'm with you. I'm a Lucky Girl.

So, to the comic-book loving, video-gamer, who takes care with his words, and does what is right, not for anything other than because its good and pleasing to the Lord, I want you to know I'm a proud woman. You are the champion of my heart and I have at least 100, no make that 970 stories that I could list of the days when you were extraordinary and went above what was required of you. What a man! I'd rate you a 1.

That-a-boy, That-a-boy. 

See you at 5, you're awesome. I love you.


P.S. I'll give you five dollars if you figure out how I can have so many stories. (Update: Within 5 minutes you figured it out. Pure genius.) 

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