Life Lately


These past weeks have been especially special. We've spent most of our time indoors and together. A lot of t.v. watching, a lot of things that aren't particularly glamorous, and yet  dancing in the kitchen, goofing off, and general tom-foolery.

Some of my favorite things have been making brownies, breakfast in bed pretty much all week, ben shaving (it happens infrequently-so its cause for celebration), looking at the snow and going through clothes my sister has borrowed me.

Today was a special moment, we decided to stay in all day-until we realized we were running out of toilet paper (the story is in the details) which resulted in us planning a little coffee date. We were sitting and watching people and based on what they looked at on their computers ended up being our topic of conversation ( A little creepy, a little awesome). I learned so much about Ben. Topics included whether or not we're going to let our kids have facebook,what we think about dating sites, if a movie was our life-what movie would our life be and in general awesome life stories.

I've got to tell you, Ben is really funny. Now I know most people say that about their spouses, but Ben is especially funny. It's in his stories, the one he forgets until awesome days like this, that have me rolling.

Which shows you really always can learn more about your spouse. So then, dates are nice. And having toilet paper is a very good thing.

I hope you're enjoying your days and staying warm.

see you soon

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  1. Toilet paper is very nice essential to have on hand!! ;) Glad you guys had a great date out and about.