Saturdays are for Adventures


I've noticed my inefficiency at taking pictures as of late.  It's very unlike me, and yet it has been allowing me to live a little more inside my self. Rather than the observer, trying to capture pictures to share, we've just been doing.

On Saturday, we woke up, and we went to breakfast. A sweet little family to our right sang a little prayer and the youngest kept repeating loudly "God is good!" It was sweet and I agree. We then ventured to a comic book shop we'd never been and spent a while talking with the owners. Its always a treat to actually know whats going on. I used to feel so out-of-sorts. Now I'm pretty bold. Asking them about stuff, you know.

One thing that always proves its a true comic book shop is the quality of it's bathroom. If any women buy comics, you can attest to this. I think the latest adventure reached a whole new height for comic book store bathroom nastiness. The bathroom, at the very back of the store in a sort of secluded area, had a toilet, but no seat. No toilet paper, and a sink who actually had a whole in its faucet, which seemed to act as a wash your hands, and get a drink of water. Men really wouldn't really have a problem with this, in that they could stand, but in terms of any needing to squat I'm not really sure how they manage. It was random, and my squatting technique is basically beyond impressive (I know you were wondering.) I guess I shouldn't say it was random. It was exactly as expected, but uprising in that whenever i think "wow, this is funny in a bad way" I find one that's even more hilarious. They had good comics, a soda machine, pretty awesome wall art and a whole room for magic playing; which in comic book reader speak=all you really need for living. If Ben and i ever own a comic book store, that bathroom is going to have potpourri and a french looking couch. Maybe not. that might bring down business. Oh well. Where there's magic, they will come.

Then, Ben took me to a sweet little bakery that we surprisingly pass all the time, and it had some amazing macaroons. We ate them in our car since the place was packed and talked about music. We like music. We headed home, picked up some Flintstones vitamins on the way because they are delicious spent the rest of the night watching random t.v. shows.

So, folks, life has been changing in a very nice pleasant way in that we've had 3 consecutive weekends of rest. We're excited for the upcoming months, and as we now actually have snow, we're enjoying the coziness of home.

I hope life is restful for you as well and you're staying warm.

Over and Out.

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