I remember seeing 52 projects of bloggers children started last year by several of my favorite reads and I thought to myself, "next year, I'm totally doing this." 

What do you know, 2014 is here.  While the 1st seven days of 2014 are over by the time this is posted, these were taken then. Rather than just Eowyn, I wanted to make it a bit more special  so, I'm taking on the challenge of 52 photos of us, sometimes it'll be her and me, sometimes her and her daddy, sometimes all three. Once a week. 

I love the first week. I'd say these are a start to some very exciting pictures.

These pictures capture their relationship so well. Ben is a uninhibited goof with his girl and she responds all the happier for it. We have a saying we say to each other on the regular: "You're my favorite part of my days." I think that will become the very thing Eowyn says to her dad. It seems even now, the two of us are pretty over the moon about this fella.

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