Highlight Reel :: 2013


A good three or so weeks of no blogging is good for the soul. But as we get farther into the new year, I itch to do our annual post about our recaps. (Read  2012 here) So here she is!

Hats off to you 2013. You were good to us in the hard-but good kind of way. We had a very joy-filled year and God showed up in a very big way.

In January, I took my favorite picture of all time, and we continued raising a little 6 month old baby spraguelet. I think we started figuring her out a bit better this month

In February with several days sans shower, I stumbled into the joys of being a mom and being pretty okay with where we were at in life (and my mom bod.)

In March we got family pictures in the snow and we found found our groove as a family.

In April we went to Arizona for AGM and got to visit with our extended family there.

May was a good month, we rested, showered more often, and enjoyed extended family in Wisconsin. We went on a series of adventures like drive-in-movies, local parks and a Relient K Concert.

June, we celebrated our three year anniversary, and delighted in many a walk to the local DQ

In July, we celebrated Eowyn turning 1 and I turned 24. We celebrated big that month. We hit up the Farmers market and closed it out finding out about our miscarriage.

August was kind of fuzzy, but filled with adventures as we kept busy and enjoyed the warm weather. Irish Fair was pretty awesome, as was Sebastian Joes!

September held the girls weekend, a trip to duluth and the ushering of Fall, my favorite season. Copious amounts of chai were consumed.

October was especially generous with its warm weather and we got to continue on our summer walks and going on adventures. Ben celebrated his GOLDEN birthday and turned a bit two eight!

November was a quiet month. It started to get cold. In late October we got pregnant and lost it immediately upon finding out, and spend most of the new month sorting through life and God and our days. We geared up for the holiday season by laying quiet in our pjs and enjoying T.V. shows and ice cream, and pie, and Jesus's goodness. 

December came, as did snow. Eowyn LOVED it and we had a whirlwind of visiting friends and family, participating for the first time ever in a handmade shop, reading ridiculous amounts of books and gearing up for the New Year. Oh, and I bought my first pair of legit winter boots. Just in time for freeze of 2014.

Overall, this year was bursting with blessings. While there was some bitter, there was a whole lot of sweet. So, to our bittersweet year of 2013, Adieu.

2014, we're ready for you.

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