For those of you who follow me on instagram, you may have already seen the bajillion of photos that I posted last night. For others, late last night these two went on a date! Past Midnight. (Woah.) 

We discovered Relient K was coming to Minneapolis and bought tickets as more of a spur of the moment idea. A few weeks later, here we were. We were so excited and so blessed by one of my closest gal friends coming over to watch Eowyn. When we got to Mill City Nights, in downtown MPLS, the crowd was just growing and we got an awesome spot. Where we stayed for the next 5 hours. 

We somehow found ourselves being surrounded by a bunch of young things, and we kept cracking jokes at the onset of our sore feet and tired bodies (including calling each other grandpa & grandma-Which P.S. Ben is gonna be a good-looking grandpa). Becoming a parent does something, folks. With the reality that we'll be still waking up at 7 AM regardless of how late we stay up and the ringing in my ears hasn't gone away yet, I can attest,  things have changed. Regardless, we had a lot of fun. We got to see three bands before Relient K and then when they came, we were deaf and SO excited. Getting to see the band you saw on one of your first dates, and one who had several influences on our wedding music, got us both giddy. 

There's something about seeing your man in his element, you know? Ben, singing every word, screaming me stories about the band members and just seeing his love of music explode. Plus, he was the only man with a beard in the entire audience-so, that was pretty awesome. It was a good night, and my crush on Ben exploded proportionately with the amount of tired I was. 

Again, it was a good night.

Today I got to go to a clothing Swap our church has and after,  Ben and I spent time at home. Here's a couple of snaps I got of the two of my loves. Eowyn is a big fan of blowing bubbles or 'zerbits.' We have fun.

My heart. 

Happy Weekend. 

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