Happy Mother's Day!


So, since we were out this past weekend, and since you are out tonight, this is the perfect chance for me, Ben, to write you, Brittany, wishing you a great Mother's Day!


You are so amazing at motherhood. I don't know how you stay so calm and collected after a frazzled day with God's Little Thunder. You amaze me with how much you do. From creating this blog and learning so much to improve it, to keeping the house clean and tidy, all the while keeping a 10 month old happy. Eowyn is truly blessed to have you as her mother. One of my favorite moments of each day is coming home and watching the interaction between you and her. I know that the main reason Eowyn is happy to see me when I  get home is because you have provided for her so well with a great routine, a steady meal, and regular sleep. I'm proud of all you've done. And to top it all off, you still find time to play crazy complex board games with me. I have so much fun with you and am so blessed to have you in my life.

Here's to many more Mother's Days, with more babies!


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