Ben and I have a growing list of the things we'd like to check out in this city before the inevitable move we will have with Ben's work. One of these places we wanted to visit was the Vali-Hi Drive-in. It was especially appealing in that we could watch movies with a baby and not worry about bothering anybody else.


So when we checked it out last fall and saw it already closed, we were bummed. But then summer came again! and I remembered, so I went online and saw it was open. Knowing my love for all things PG rated we jumped on the opportunity to go see the Croods.

With much excitement we arrived. What we soon discovered was that when it says opens @ 8:00, that means they start selling tickets at 8, not that they start the movie. So we showed up at 7:30  and then sat in the car to wait. So to entertain ourselves we took pictures. Well, actually,  I kept bugging ben to take pictures with me rather than let him dominate at temple run II. He obliged. And they make me laugh.

I'll spare you the rest.

 When we got got our tickets and parked our car, we walked on over to the concessions and got ourselves a hot dog and a pretzel (we brought some other snacks our self.) But before we bought our goodies, I spotted a vintage photo booth. While we do often have to pass photobooths up due to lack of cash, this time we had moneys (because Expert tip: Vali-Hi only accepts cash.) my day was made. and the pictures are one of my treasures.

So then, with treats and photo memories in hand we walked back to our car and hung out inside. We talked till it was dark, then we watched our film and fogged up our windows.

We didn't stay for the other two films because we're responsible parents now and because our child was not interested in sleeping and she was going a little crazy and it was already 11:40, so we headed home. I gotta say it was worth it though. We laughed a lot and hanging out in the car reminded me of days where we would sit and talk about dreams. This time we had a bubble-blowing, shriekingly-happy-to-be-skipping-bedtime child that made it even more fun. These are going to be a trademark of this girls childhood.

A+ night.

Lessons we learned:

1. Don't show up so early unless you want to wait a while. (Eowyn could have gotten more sleeps had we waited. Meh, no bigs.) Remember to bring cash.
2. Don't worry about the car dying. It won't if the headlights are off and the car battery is decent.
3. Be super chill about expectations regarding the baby sleeping (ours didn't sleep at all.) and expect the next night to be a little rough (she was a little crazy tonight.)  Still. its worth it. And the giddy moments of that girl made it a lot of fun.
4. The photo booth is awesome. Bring 3 extra dollars. and it takes the first picture without warning. So get ready.

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