Mothers Day Weekend


We got the pleasure to go back home to my motherland for the past few days in celebration of mothers day.  I thoroughly enjoyed being with my family and enjoyed celebrating my first time as a mom. If you're friends with me via facebook, you've already seen a few of these, but here are a few of the pictures from this weeks trip.


One of my favorite parts about going home is the conversation. I know I'm blessed because for a lot of families, thats the least favorite. Because of this, I'm especially thankful. The hard topics about theology I've been pondering, often times take minutes to sort through with the insights of the pastoral group we got over there ( my very own sister joining those ranks! Holla!) and having us all there to bounce ideas, and to push out conclusions leaves me all the more excited to continue to grow. There's a good mix of laughter that keep things light (this weekends giggles consisted of organic, dairy free, gluten free, mac and chreese (made to sound like trees) my mom insisted was delicious-it was actually pretty good-and Bre's offspring's hilarious comments.) and always on the drive home I'm able to realize a lot of my shortcomings (in a way that only being in the company of grace can cause one to reflect) and find more mercy. Plus, these crazies just make life sweeter.

We went fishing in a pond nearby and went down old familiar roads.  Ben and I got on a conversation about those instances in life that have foreshadowing of future events. Like the fact Ben went to a game at the U of M when he was a teenager, then ended up at the U, and how friendships in my home town are what lead me to choose the college I did. It's weird to think just a few years prior I drove these same streets, with all sorts of different beliefs about who I was going to be, marry, accomplish. I'm thankful I've arrived at this place here. The adventure has definitely turned out far greater than I had anticipated.

And thanks to my own mom who put fresh cookies in my car for the ride home today (Um?!?! Best mom ever award!) , who has shown me how to graciously laugh at oneself, and how to love with fierce passion and fight for truth. You've kept us sensitive, called us out of ourselves and have continually encouraged us towards our relationships.

A special thanks to Julie, Ben's momma.  Man, you sure know how to raise them. Your son is a testament to your unwavering faith in Jesus, your loyalty and dedication to your family, and your ability to celebrate. Oh, and a super-genius-quick wit that only a background in english and theatre could have created. That stuff is money.

 To all the mothers, soon-to-be-mothers, & spiritual mothers, thank you for all the time and work you give. In becoming a mom, my appreciation for you has grown. For all those that have waited, prayed, and are in that season still and may not have biological children, thank you for the guidance and mothering you do everyday with those around you. I have benefited , as well those close to me. Because of you mothers, we are better, more sensitive to Jesus and those around us, and are nurtured. Thank you for taking your gift of motherhood-in all its forms- and blessing us with it.

Really. Thank you moms.

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