Yet this I call to mind...


With every natural disaster there's a certain amount of heartache. The tornado that swept through Oklahoma yesterday has been especially hitting my heart today. I have family connections to that state, and actually had a deep interest in several grad schools there. I turned on the news when I got home this morning and felt a sort of heaviness settle into my heart. Its these kind of events that I struggle through some of the harder questions of faith and cry through all the loss that people are experiencing today.

I've been making a few prints of bible verses to put all over my home these past several months, and this one kept coming to mind.


Today I'm reminding myself that God is faithful. He's compassionate. Reminding myself of His great love.That this verse was written in Lamentations-when there was deep suffering of an entire nation. That even in the darkest of times there is hope. Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed. 

I have been blessed with the certain amount of peace that seems to be there in Oklahoma. They were more prepared than most states, the news said and when one OK native was asked about how she felt when she first saw everything and she said "We lost everything, but we're alive."

If you want to print this for yourselves, you can either click on the image and save it or here's a link to the PDF version. 

Praying for the families as they rebuild their lives again, and especially for those whose losses can not be replaced. 

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