Memorial Day



I checked out this park this week and took a few photos, but there's something to taking your best friend to  new spots. So this morning, we hiked out on a little walk. It was a grey day, which left us both in a little bit of a funk, but getting some fresh air and being surrounded by the crazy amount of green made us all feel a bit better.

My introverted self is looking forward to the quiet week ahead and with over 7 books rented from the library, I'll be set for a while with good reading material (when there's time for it.) I hope you all have an excellent week, and a special thanks to all those that serve or have served in the Military. Having a dad as a former Marine, I have glimpses into the incredible sacrifice that the men and women of this nation give to keep us safe and free.  I am humbled by your service. Thank you. Deeply.

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