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A few days ago we decided we were going to grill for the first time. We got our grill gear and began, for whatever reason our "quick light" coal wouldn't burn, so after a run to the store and a few squirts of lighter fluid, we were on our way to having some good meat. (And we  may have squirted lighter fluid for the kicks of it. pretty sure you're not supposed to do that.)

While we waited Ben took the opportunity to throw E up in the air higher and higher. Not having a ceiling certainly promotes that. I got a little nervous, but as always she was pretty pumped about it. I have a video of her shrieking. I kind of love it.

Everyone was chatty and happy just a few days ago because of the 70 degree weather, us included. Then, when grey snow/rain days like these come it leaves a bit of a bla feeling. I even have a pandora station for this kind of weather. Eowyn always takes incredibly long naps on these days which give me time to make brownies from scratch and clean up shop.

This season is filled with anticipation. Word on the street is that we'll have some news where we'll be moving next in the upcoming weeks. So I'm looking forward to all that lies ahead and the adventure it'll be.

Eowyn and I went on a run yesterday just before this nasty weather hit and it felt good to get out and hit the familiar paths that I did pre-baby. Before, we went on our walks and short runs, but this was the first time the snow had melted enough to go through a favorite patch of woods.

Overall, Happy week.

The other day we saw an ad for the Parents cover photo contest. For kicks we submitted a photo and have been pleasantly surprised at how well she's actually doing. We think she may have a fighting chance. She's gone from the five-thousands digits on Monday to 51 on Tuesday, then 51 to 32 today. If you're friends with me or Ben on facebook, then you've seen me spam my page (well technically Ben has been doing it) with reminders to vote for E every day. If not, and if you're interested (no pressure), the link is here. You can vote everyday, on any web device. And if we win we get a bit of money (Bankin' for that college education-yo.), a trip to new york and Eowyn would be on the cover as mentioned above. So basically we'd have on our hands a baby star.

 I think my favorite part is how excited Ben is about it. We sort of have a running joke of pointing to each  other and repeating "Vote for Eowyn...' over and over in different voices with Napolean Dynamite and Nacho Libre quotes mixed in.. Stupid? Perhaps, but fun.

and to include you into our tomfoolery:


If we don't win, I don't think we'll be too disappointed (Well Ben might, he's pretty invested.)  The sheer amount of entertainment it has already brought us has made it well worth the effort. So regardless, thanks in advance. Thanks to all those who have already voted once, or daily. It means alot to us and we've been surprised at the response. And feel a lot of love from it.

To vote: Click here.

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