Golden Hour


{Here's a little secret for anyone who likes a camera. Before the sun sets or right as it rises head outside with camera in hand. They call it the golden hour. It's the moment when everything just looks perfect-no harsh lighting, just glow. Go try it. }

The day before these pictures were taken was not a good day. As in, near-three hour cry fest to Ben about everything I've ever was the lowest point of the year.  I had a friend recently describe herself as 'solar powered' and I later thought  how profound that statement  is and how true it is for me. While there's more to it than just a lack or presence of sun-the weather does something major to me. I'm sort of a gray blob in the winters and I've fought through it every year. This year, being inside the four walls of my home with a little nugget wanting to be entertained has presented a whole slew of challenges. Lets just say I'm not sunshine and rainbows. Actually, rather, I'm giant storm clouds and hurricanes come 5:00. A lot of praying happens from 3-5 in my heart. This has been the big challenge as the sun goes down earlier and earlier. Learning how to not let my emotions be the final word on my days. Learning how to not self-preserve when there's two to serve.

All that to say, Ben in his wisdom, recommended we go out and take pictures the day after the big explosion of emotions. It was supposed to be good weather, and my husband knows how much the sun does good things to me. So, to a place I've been eyeing we went. It did not disappoint. Nor did that sun. 

It was just what we needed-Eowyn and especially I were more at peace for the subsequent days. That man is good to us.

I treasure these pictures mostly because of the reminder of the blessing they represent. After near every emotional meltdown Ben comments a reassuring message. He can handle me. He knows my emotions. I'm not "too much" of this or "not enough" of that. I will never be able to express the gratitude I have to that man for loving me and knowing me so thoroughly. So Ben, thank you for taking me out into the sun with camera in hand. Thank you for grabbing the camera and playing with it as well. Thank you for going on adventures and doing the things that feed my heart. Thank you for calling out vulnerability and speaking bold truth to me. You're kind to the deepest parts of me. 

I wanted to share all this mostly because I know when I look at golden hour photos I typically think magical thoughts of how awesome the lives captured in the pictures must be. Its a good reminder for my heart to realize that YES there are obvious blessings in every picture (look at those girl's cheeks! ). But there is always struggles that are uncaptured. Always. always. 

I'm learning to be kinder to those in my proximity and to rejoice that sometimes you get the perfect pictures to give you hope through grey winters. Hope your weekend is filled of reminders. 

Happy Friday!

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