Glory Girl // Transitions


I think we got a toddler.

We're officially moving into the one nap zone over here at the Sprague home. Its caused me to realize just how grown up my girl is becoming. The other day I had to go and outfit her with some 18 month wears because she's already out of her 12 month clothes. All of the change, all at the same time-thats caused the realization that we're nearing, if not already in, toddlerhood.

So far that means independence, and pushing boundaries. It means walking and wanting to keep walking into the road or past. It means getting frustrated and learning how to feel those feelings and how to express them. She's learning the basics of human emotion and she's learning how to communicate those. Ladies and Gents, she's an excellent communicator.

I feel like depending on what day you ask me, this translates to me being on the quarter tank to empty tank of emotional energy. Her highs are even higher than before-which is so much fun. But the same goes with her lows.

I'm reading a gazillion books about wading through this stage correctly  gracefully. I'm learning that perspective pulls its weight far more than I give it credit.

For instance: there's moments when I creep into her room and just watch her sleep. The classic mom move that makes every parent claim "its worth it." We claim such things because its true-and sleeping baby moments are the moments we have enough seconds to ponder such truths. I always think of that quote. The "Let her sleep, for when she wakes she'll move mountains."

 I already see this coming to pass. this little babe thats becoming less and less little is becoming more and more an influencer is blossoming. I see it when we go anywhere. I hear people talk about her when they think they're out of earshot. "Did you see her?" "Did you see her smile." "That baby!" She brings them in, she smiles, waves, stares into everyones faces. The compliments are deep. They ask if she's always this joyful. They ask if she's always so friendly and kind. They comment on her temperament. They comment on her smile. Conversations blossom from that little girl.

 I'm seeing the blessing that children are. This one is a community builder. May she always keep that heart.

So, while I stare at my kid sleeping, I'm thanking God that these transitions equate to growth. And as I can already see, growth is a good thing.

Keep growin, glory girl.

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