Renaissance Fest 2013


Many moons ago, as part of our adventures at Costco, we saw that they were selling tickets discounted to Ren Fest. We make a yearly, or at the very least bi-yearly trip here, so we were excited to get two tickets and two turkey legs thrown in for the cheap! We picked the last weekend to attend since it was Irish themed that weekend.

It was all that it always is. Good music, tasty food, fun clothing and gifts. We hit up all the sword shops for Ben and all the pottery shops for me.

Every time I'm sure of it: This time we're gonna be coming home with a sword. But another year passed, and we have none in our home.

I found out a number of new things about Ben on this most recent trip. The man has serious plans for a weapon collection someday. Being in a shop that had not only swords but all the rest of medieval weapons-spikey ball things, daggers and other things that if I named in my non-technical language I would shame Ben (I can hear his deep sigh already)  allowed him to show me exactly what was on his wish-list. A long time ago a friend joked that he would be far more terrified of Ben if in the middle of the night, with his crazy hair Ben came at him with a sword,  than if he (ben) ever came at him with a gun. I agree. The man just sort of looks like a sword guy. And a sleepy, angry,  Ben with sword in hand? I would laugh at the fool who tries to rob this house. This imagery alone is my main motivation for being in full support of him owning such sharp collections. I feel safe every time I think of it.

Eowyn loved the music, apple cider ice cream float (with cinnamon! Oh My goodness.)  and was tickled when she saw a puppy. So, she approves as well.

There's a stand where you can throw tomatoes at this young gent that smack talks like no other. . Most of the time he gets vulgar' and I don't want to watch, but this time there was a slew of kids wanting to throw tomatoes. Eowyn was intrigued (as were we), and while he was yelling at all of them to go back to their mommies, one cute little freckle faced girl stepped up behind the counter (they gave her a little grace since she was smaller). She rolled up her little sleeve super calmly and with grace smacked him in the face. Then Again. Then again. The crowd was wild about it. After, she just hopped off and did infact go back to her mom. It was a good moment. Actually my favorite ever.

So, there you have it. In rain we came to ren fest, but the day cleared up and it was an adventure!

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