\\ Clay Date with Katie //


A few weeks ago, for a birthday surprise, one of my dearest friends took me for a claydate at a local studio. I was anticipating it for weeks, and it was great to be able to go. As we're walking in, Katie casually mentioned that she did this in highschool-so she knows a little bit. Turns out this woman had a year of independent study in it-which translates to the rest of us making mud puddles in our hands while my partner was takin names. 

After it was all said and done, and the class was over-my sweet friend was kind enough to ask if the teacher needed help cleaning. Everyone left, and we got to hang back and clean the wheels and hear the teachers stories. Its one of those things I love about Katie-she sees what others don't see. Moves towards people she doesn't know to bless them. The teacher kept commenting how she never gets to go home this early-how it usually takes her an hour extra. 

Katie, you're an extraordinary. 

You may notice the clay on my glasses. I'll have you know I was covered in clay-like pants, shirt, shoes. And katie? maybe a speckle.  Oh, and the curvy dish you see at the top? Thats hers. The baby lump bowl is mine. Add pottery to the list of things Katie's bomb at.

and while you're adding it, if you're thinking "Gee, I really wish I could get some family pictures by someone who knows what they're doing," Well you're in luck because she does professional photography too. 

Check out her site here.

I know, people. I know. Its ridiculous. I'm glad she's one of mine.

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