Lately // October 2013


The month of October has been an interesting one for us.

1. We made the switch to natural cleaners (dish washer detergent, laundry soap, all purpose cleaner etc.) and DIY'ed it up. I'm really liking the results and the cheapness of it. Plus after watching this documentary (thanks to Kara's Blog for leading me to it) it certainly wasn't hard to do. Plus, if you guys want to catch a glimpse of a beautiful soul. Go to Kara's Blog and spend some time.

2. We bought 2 new IKEA lights for 13 bucks a piece. Our house is SO BRIGHT. I love Ikea. Their lightbulbs are ridiculously priced, but otherwise everything else is so wonderful. A little life hack, If you buy a clear shower curtain for 2 bucks it makes a pretty nifty waterproof mattress pad. We've gone a long time without one for Eowyn. No more.

3. We've been eating really well lately and we're starting to notice it. We've been incorporating new things like Spaghetti squash/zucchini instead of noodles, and while others say "its just not the same." I'd say its actually better. No shame in seconds when i'm stuffing my face with a vegetable.

4. Ben's birthday is sooooon and its his golden. I get way more excited about his birthday than I ever do mine.

5. Eowyn is now saying "Hi," and "Hey" in the most sweet little voice. I'll be posting a little video of her sweetness in the upcoming week. (At least, I plan to..) AND HER TOP TEETHS are coming in! She's been going through the ringer with sickness, colds, stomach aches(she vomited all over for the first time ever this week. Ew.), teething, and now a yeast infection. Prayers appreciated-all the while she's her usual hammy self most days. So I'm thankful.

6. I'm consuming books like my life depended on it lately. My top recommendations lately: Calm my anxious heart, 1000 Gifts, Real Marriage, Loving the Little Years,  and Jesus Calling.

7. If you'd like some quality reading material/thought provoking things, Here are a few finds on the internets lately.

  • This article. Found through Kara's blog. "Why Generation Y yuppies are unhappy" Its a good read. funny. resonating. And while its a bit controversial (just read the comments and facebook shares) and there's a bit of foul language, it really hits at an issue of how expectations, especially of this generation are causing such unhappiness. Mixed with facebook and inflated images of self, its just left me pondering a lot this week.
  • The blog  finding joy. This entire blog-plus with her "mom letters" have given me a lot of rest lately. 
  • This song. Its a sad one, and about miscarriage. But it resonates so deeply in my heart and I find myself hearing it in my head so often lately. Having it is a small way to intentionally process those hard moments. Eowyn and I dance to it sometimes.
  • This video of a poetry slam has changed my thoughts on physical appearance. Its got me questioning exactly what I'm communicating to Eowyn-am I just teaching her to try and take up less space? and has me choosing joy and putting food in its proper place within the christian context. Ben and I have been, as I stated earlier, eating well lately and its been really freeing to feel good about that. I hope to teach E the joy and blessing that the whole culinary world is-chocolate cake included- because we are foodies to the core. But, so much of my life this has been a ping-pong match of finding worth here. Just another data point in working towards a gospel view of this.
8. CLOTHING SWAP this Saturday. Just in time too. Its cold, and I got rid of all my clothes (down to 100 pieces) this summer after feeling the need to stop hoarding. Unfortunately I wasn't too wise about it and seems to hold on to more of summery clothes than winter ones with the concept of "layering " in mind. No amount of tanks can combat 30 degree weather. So. I'm excited. 

9. I don't think I officially ever mentioned it on the blog, but I got my nose pierced.  I've wanted one for a very long time, and on a sunday Ben and I were talking about it and identity, and how often my fear of others perceptions keep me from doing things. He encouraged me to go ahead and get it done. 1 It does hurt. man. it burns. 2. I love it and all it represents. 3. Before walking into the tattoo/piercing place, I searched the bible to triple check (I was scared.) I found a few places where it was used. Genesis and Ezekiel for sure. I was surprised and then put at ease-even God himself gives his bride a nose ring in poetic imagery. So, I was sold. And got that bad boy. Still  happy I did it a month later.

10. I got to take family pictures for one of my dearest friends for their christmas cards this past week. My heart loves it so much. I get to take a few more for some other family friends in the upcoming weeks! How good is God in giving me opportunities in doing the things I love. So, that being said: Here's a  Plug: If you want some christmas card pictures, and want someone to "oo" and "ah", at your beauty, let me know, we can make something happen. And I'll get you a CD of 30-50 pictures of your shining face within a week or so of the date we gaze at each other. Contact me: *winky face* 

11. We're getting plugged into a new small group and LOVE it. So happy to be in community with people that love Jesus and each other so deeply. God is faithful in his leading. Really, these whole past several months have proven that to me. God is good, and he loves us so deeply. So thankful for the perhaps-first-time-ever conviction of that. 

Hope your Octobers are winding down beautifully and you're bundling up for the winters. So much is in the horizon for us and it seems this winter in a lot of ways will take us from "pause" to "play. I'm hopeful for this season.

The babe is squawking. Back to it.


  1. You are precious. There are too many things that I like about your month of October... way to go on going green. I hope it's been a fun/good switch for you guys! Love the open-mindedness about the food. Love IKEA. Love your dear one - can't wait to her voice in whatever video you post. Love the books. I want to hear more about that small group. Aaaand happy birthday to Ben.

  2. Love you guys!!! I want Christmas photos taken... could you guys come visit us...