Ten on Ten :: October 2013



I found a special blog a number of months ago called a bit of sunshine. I loved it from when I first stumbled upon it and when I saw rebekah's "about" page with her 4 littles, I turned it to ben and said "I want to someday take a picture like this." I just plain like her. So, when she was doing her Ten on ten feature (ten pictures on the tenth of every month) I decided I'd join along.

Thursdays are typically our hardest days. So what a surprise blessing it was to be on the lookout for sweet things to capture. I'm excited for next months' and think it'll be something I consistently try to do. Check out Rebekahs blog  (link above) to see more ten on tens, or look at the hashtag #tenonten on instagram to see photos and get links to other blogs following along.

::When we get home from dropping of Ben, I make breakfast. Eowyn normally moseys in from the living room and watches until her eggs are ready. :: I got a chai this morning with Hazelnut, a sweet treat for this Thursday:: I love these little mushrooms. They keep being mowed down-but time and time again they return. We say hi to them on our walks. :: Eowyn constantly props her little legs up during our walks. I love it. It makes me smile every time. :: In efforts to get more veggies, I've started adding spinach to my smoothies. How had I never come to this before? Love it. Plus-stripey straws for life :: I found the loot of Melissa and Doug toys and other fun treasures at a rummage sale near our house. Here's a few of the blocks I got for a dollar. :: I showered-and documented it to remember :: Leaving her trail. Thats my girl. :: Afternoon book readings.:: These Mums. I love them::

Happy Friday. Hope your weekend is joy filled.

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  1. What a cool idea! Next month I'm going to join you for the 10 on 10. Love it.