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The adventure started after Eowyn woke up from her nap and we wanted to do something outside the house,but didn't want to go into the 100 degree temperatures and walk around. We decided ice cream sounded like a good idea, and I knew just the place I wanted to go. So a quick google search sent us eventually  to uptown (we first went to a location that we still are unsure of) where we
got to experience the goodness that is Sebastian Joe's. Now Minneapolis natives have been here several times over (everyone mentions it to me), but for us it was a first.

Well folks, we were not disappointed.  

Both Ben and I picked the "Nicollete Pothole" but we diverged when Ben decided on another chocolate variety while I chose a grapefruit sorbet. That Pothole ice cream is AMAZING. Dare I say one of the top 3 best chocolate ice creams I have ever noshed on. Ben declared this place as his favorite ice cream joint considering atmosphere, price and taste. He's a simple man to please, but I have to agree that the atmosphere here was super chill. Which is major sprague points. Plus they serve malts and the like which puts it immediately on our 'return soon' list.

 Sebastian Joe's, we like ya.

We then drove home, listened to mosh-pit music of Ben's and talked about board games, what the Big Guy is teaching us and drawing up imaginary venn diagrams of our music tastes and where they cross over.

 If I had to pick a guy to go on a date with, it'd be that guy on the right.

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