Zoology :: Como zoo forever.



Now I know you stumble across this post and think, "weren't they just there?" The answer is yes for our anniversary we came to Como. But when you get to have your parents here and your kid notices EVERYTHING this time around (when before she only noticed two of the animals) AND you see some friends of yours you haven't seen in two years, well its worth documenting again. Plus this zoo is quite frankly The best there is in Minnesota.

One of the last days we were together as a big family we headed out to the zoo. Eowyn is reaching that phase where her parents and the camera are not interesting at all. The two together are most definitely boring. Perhaps this is because she's used to seeing all three of us all the time. But even in this stage I'm loving it . Everything around her is worth her undivided attention. Seeing her little wonderment and intense focus has me appreciating the fact that most of our pictures these days she's looking to the left or to the right. Right now thats who she is. And I like that we're capturing that.

I know every parent says this, but getting to experience things as an adult through your child eyes adds so much to life. I've seen monkeys a gazillion times, but Eowyn seeing them for the first time? Joy. Or the puffins? Animals I walked by so often captures my girls attention for an infinite amount of time. It makes all these outings increasingly more enjoyable.


  1. just discovered your blog. We love Como Zoo too! now that my kids are getting older they really love the Como Town area too..

    1. Hi there! I always get excited when a fellow St. Paulian stumbles over here! I'm excited for the Como Town area to become more relevant as E gets older. Thanks for stopping by! Checked out your blog and your babes are beautiful.